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This page describes the costumer behavior in relation to product purchased on this website. We appreciate your time and support by visiting this site. 

Disputes are filed with a bank or the credit card company to reverse the payment and collect the fund that was used to purchased the product. Costumer may file the dispute for numerous reasons such as dissatisfaction with the product, accidental dispute, etc. As a result, the bank is charging the fee for the reversal and the funds are taken out of the company. Therefore, please note that we do Not tolerate well with the bank disputes. If you have any issues please contact us via email, submit the ticket on the help desk, text us on our phone number, or chat with us through the chat box. 

Accidental dispute

The costumer may file the dispute accidently. In this case, the costumer is not aware of the reasons for the disputing the charge that was made on our website. 

Dissatisfaction or No-delivery

This occurs when the buyer is dissatisfied with the product, and as  a result, disputes the charged; or the buyer disputes the charge claiming that the product was not received. 


Friendly fraud occurs when the costumer has intention to collect the product and get the funds back with the bank. The bank may issues the provisional credit while the investigation is taking place. 

Our right for rebuttal

Any disputes filled with the bank will be subjected to be reviewed and carefully analyzed. Thereafter, we will issue the reasoning, documents and send it back to the bank to recollect the funds that were taken out as a result of this investigation. Therefore, we will try to get the funds back. at any cost since our Terms and Conditions apply to all costumer. Therefore, we strongly discourage the buyer to file the dispute with the bank.

If you have any question or concerns, please contact the costumer service department. 

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