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  1. The refund policy entails the company does Not issue refunds for the digital products since they are non-returnable. By proceeding to the checkout, the registered or a guest customer 1. carefully reviews the product and its sample material, 2. acknowledges our refund policy as well as the privacy policy and Terms of Service 3. agrees to these policies, and makes an online payment. Successfully processed orders are not cancellable*   
  2. “A Test Banks” may grant a full refund 1. if the material is different from the advertisement or provide the correct one upon assistance; 2. if the product was not delivered or provide the material within one business day. Further, the company may grant a partial refund for insufficient chapters or provide the missing chapters upon checking the congruence. To qualify for these choices (refund or solution), sign up and create a ticket if any of these three scenarios apply to you. Other personal reasons are NOT considered: formatting issues, late delivery, file watermarks, accidental purchases, or personal dissatisfaction. However, these concerns will be reported to be fixed to improve the user experience. 
  3. The duplicate order receives a full refund. The duplicate order will receive a refund with a 2.9% fee (& 30 cents). We apologize for the inconvenience as we are trying to fix this issue.  
  1. A partial refund cannot exceed more than 20% of the purchase. 
  2. To qualify for a refund, the test bank needs to be missing at least 5 chapters. 
  3. If the VPN is used for the order, the transaction will go through. However, the download links will be canceled. Within one day, A Test Banks Support Team will be sending the download links to the customer if the order gets approved. 
  4. A Test Bank Inc. reserves the right to make modifications to policies. 
  5. Updated on (03/07/2030)


Dispute Policy

Any dispute initiated by the customer will be subject to rebuttal. A Test Banks reserve the right to refuse refunds request after the chargeback has been initiated or resolved/closed. For more information, please visit the disputes page. Please contact us immediately after duplicate orders or errors. 

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