Concepts for Nursing Practice 3rd Ed Test Bank

Concepts for Nursing Practice 3rd Ed Test Bank


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  • ISBN-10: 0323581935
  • ISBN-13: 978-0323581936
  • Version: Test Bank
  • Format : PDF
  • Status: In stock
  • Language: English
  • Author: Jean Foret Giddens
  • Publisher: Mosby

The Test Bank Concepts for Nursing Practice 3rd Ed Test Bank – Learn the core concepts of nursing care and apply them to the clinical setting!

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This textbook, Concepts for Nursing Practice, 3rd Edition, offers a clear and straightforward explanation of 57 essential concepts related to nursing practice. It takes a user-friendly approach to help students grasp the material easily and makes connections between related concepts to enhance understanding. The book also includes exemplars for each concept to provide practical examples of how they can be applied in clinical settings. Written by Jean Giddens, an expert in conceptual learning, this edition includes updated research evidence and a new Population Health concept. By reading this textbook, students can develop their clinical reasoning skills and feel prepared to handle a wide range of clinical nursing situations.

Table of Contents

Theme: Attributes and Resources
1. Development
2. Functional Ability
3. Family Dynamics
Theme: Personal Preference
4. Culture
5. Spirituality
6. Adherence
7. Self-Management
Theme: Homeostasis and Regulation
8. Fluid and Electrolytes
9. Acid-Base Balance
10. Thermoregulation
11. Sleep
12. Cellular Regulation
13. Intracranial Regulation
14. Hormonal Regulation
15. Glucose Regulation
16. Nutrition
17. Elimination
18. Perfusion
19. Gas Exchange
Theme: Sexuality and Reproduction
20. Reproduction
21. Sexuality
Theme: Protection and Movement
22. Immunity
23. Inflammation
24. Infection
25. Mobility
26. Tissue Integrity
27. Sensory Perception
28. Pain
29. Fatigue



Theme: Mood and Cognition
30. Stress and Coping
31. Mood and Affect
32. Anxiety
33. Cognition
34. Psychosis

Theme: Maladaptive Behavior
35. Addiction
36. Interpersonal Violence
Theme: Nursing Attributes and Roles
37. Professional Identity
38. Clinical Judgment
39. Leadership
40. Ethics
41. Patient Education
42. Health Promotion
Theme: Care Competencies
43. Communication
44. Collaboration
45. Safety
46. Technology and Informatics
47. Evidence
48. Health Care Quality
Theme: Health Care Delivery
49. Care Coordination
50. Caregiving
51. Palliative Care
52. Health Disparities
53. Population Health  NEW!
Theme: Health Care Infrastructure
54. Health Care Organizations
55. Health Care Economics
56. Health Policy
57. Health Care Law

Sample - Concepts for Nursing Practice 3rd Ed Test Bank Unit 1

Chapter 1

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