Invitation to holitsic health ebook
Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life

Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life


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  • ISBN-10: 1284105482
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 978-128410548
  • Version: Ebook
  • Format : PDF
  • Status: In Stock
  • Language: English
  • Author: Charlotte Eliopoulos
  • Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 4th edition

The EbookInvitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life, Fourth Edition – uses a comprehensive approach to promote good health and well-being and contains solid concepts and established procedures.

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Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life

The fourth edition of Charlotte Eliopoulos’ Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life is a popular ebook that presents a unique approach to promoting overall health and well-being. The book is divided into four sections that cover strengthening inner resources, developing healthy lifestyle practices, taking charge of body, mind, and spirit challenges, and safely using complementary and alternative therapies. The guide covers various topics, including nutrition, exercise, herbal medicines, and homeopathic remedies, among others. The book differs from other holistic health textbooks by promoting a variety of therapies and providing data to support their use.

The guide is particularly useful for students and anyone interested in becoming more aware of the importance of holistic health in modern society. It encourages the implementation of concepts such as yoga, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, and herbal medicine to improve overall health. The book provides an easy-to-read guide to help readers expand their knowledge of health-related concepts. Please refer to the table of contents below for more information.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Holistic Health
Chapter 2: Healthful Nutrition
Chapter 3: Mindfulness in Movement
Chapter 4: Sleep and Rest
Chapter 5:  Immunity Enhancement: Mind/body Considerations
Chapter 6: Flowing with the Reality of Stress
Chapter 7: Growing Healthy Relationships
Chapter 8: Survival Skills for Families
Chapter 9: The Spiritual Connection
Chapter 10: Balancing Work and Life
Chapter 11: Promoting a Healthy, Healing Environment
Chapter 12: Taking LifeLightly: Humor, the Great Alternative
Chapter 13: Understanding the Hidden Meaning of Symptoms
Chapter 14: Working in Partnership with Your Health 
Chapter 15: Menopause: Time of the Wise Woman
Chapter 16: Living Fully with Chronic Conditions
Chapter 17: Addiction: Diseases of Fear, Shame, and Guilt
Chapter 18: Medication Wisdom
Chapter 19: Surviving Caregiving
Chapter 20: Navigating the Use of Complementary and Alternative Therapies
Chapter 21: Alternative Medical Systems
Chapter 22: Nutritional Supplements
Chapter 23: Herbal Medicine
Chapter 24: Aromatherapy: Common Scents
Chapter 25: Mind-Body Therapies
Chapter 26: Manipulative and Body-Based Methods
Chapter 27: Energy Therapies

Sample - Introduction to Holistic Health

Chapter 1

6 reviews for Invitation to Holistic Health: A Guide to Living a Balanced Life

  1. Spiritgio

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    I couldn’t find the e-book version anywhere else. Do recommend it.

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    Recommend it

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    Received my download. Thank you

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