Microbiology: An Evolving Science Fifth Edition test bank
Microbiology An Evolving Science 5th Edition Test Bank

Microbiology An Evolving Science 5th Edition Test Bank


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  • ISBN-13:978-0393419962
  • ISBN-10: 0393419967
  • Format : PDF 
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  • Language: English
  • Authors: Joan L. Slonczewski, John W. Foster, Erik R. Zinser
  • Publisher: ‎ W. W. Norton & Company

The test banks for – Microbiology An Evolving Science 5th Edition  – ISBN-13: 978-0393419962 ISBN-10: 0393419967. Confidently prepare for the challenges of modern maternal-newborn and child health care nursing.

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Microbiology An Evolving Science 5th Edition Test Bank:

The Microbiology: An Evolving Science Fifth Edition is a dynamic and up-to-date textbook that captures the rapidly evolving nature of the field. The book strikes a perfect balance between conveying exciting research and motivating students to learn the fundamentals, despite the overwhelming amount of information available. The textbook includes engaging examples, abundant eye-catching figures, updated genetics and genomics content by new coauthor Erik Zinser, an updated Smartwork5 course, and new active learning resources, all of which provide flexible options for high-quality assessment both inside and outside of the classroom.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Microbial Life: Origin and Discovery 
Chapter 2. Observing the Microbial Cell 
Chapter 3. Cell Structure and Function 
Chapter 4. Bacterial Culture, Growth, and Development 
Chapter 5. Environmental Influences and Control of Microbial Growth 
Chapter 6. Viruses 
Chapter 7. Genomes and Chromosomes 
Chapter 8. Transcription, Translation, and Protein Processing 
Chapter 9. Genetic Change and Genome Evolution 
Chapter 10. Molecular Regulation 
Chapter 11. Viral Molecular Biology 
Chapter 12. Biotechniques and Synthetic Biology 
Chapter 13. Energetics and Catabolism 
Chapter 14. Electron Flow in Organotrophy, Lithotrophy, and Phototrophy 
Chapter 15. Biosynthesis 
Chapter 16. Food and Industrial Microbiology 
Chapter 17. Origins and Evolution 
Chapter 18. Bacterial Diversity 
Chapter 19. Archaeal Diversity 
Chapter 20. Eukaryotic Diversity 
Chapter 21. Microbial Ecology 
Chapter 22. Element Cycles and Environmental Microbiology 
Chapter 23. The Human Microbiome and Innate Immunity 
Chapter 24. The Adaptive Immune Response 
Chapter 25. Pathogenesis 
Chapter 26. Microbial Diseases 
Chapter 27. Antimicrobial Therapy  and Discovery 
Chapter 28. Clinical Microbiology and Epidemiology

Sample: - Microbiology An Evolving Science - Microbial Life: Origin and Discovery:

Chapter 1

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