Nursing A Concept Based Approach to Learning 3rd Edition Test Bank

Nursing A Concept Based Approach to Learning 3rd Edition Test Bank


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The test banks for – Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning, Volume II 3rd Edition – ISBN-13: 978-0134616810 ISBN-10: 0134616812. Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning provides all of the core content and materials needed to deliver an effective concept-based program that develops practice-ready nurses

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Nursing A Concept Based Approach to Learning 3rd Edition Test Bank:

Nursing: A Concept-Based Approach to Learning is the number one choice for curriculum in concept-based schools of nursing. This comprehensive three-volume series provides all of the necessary core content and materials to effectively deliver a concept-based program that produces competent and practice-ready nurses. Unlike other curriculums, this series was designed as a cohesive and complete learning system, providing intentional instructional design and learning patterns that foster connections between concepts and ensure a deep level of comprehension that can be applied broadly.

Volume II of the series is particularly focused on 30 crucial psychosocial, reproductive, nursing, and healthcare concepts, while also covering the nurse’s broader roles in areas such as accountability, advocacy, and safety. The latest edition, the 3rd edition, is a full-scale revision from cover to cover, bringing the text in line with new evidence-based practice, care, and safety guidelines. With this book, nursing students will be able to develop a comprehensive understanding of key concepts and the skills needed to be effective nurses.

Table of Contents

Module 22: Addiction
The Concept of Addiction
22.A Alcohol Abuse
22.B Nicotine Use
22.C Substance Abuse

Module 23: Cognition
The Concept of Cognition
23.A Alzheimer Disease
23.B Delirium
23.C Schizophrenia

Module 24: Culture and Diversity
The Concept of Culture and Diversity

Module 25: Development
The Concept of Development
25.A Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
25.B Autism Spectrum Disorder
25.C Cerebral Palsy
25.D Failure to Thrive

Module 26: Family
The Concept of Family
26.A Family Response to Health Alterations

Module 27: Grief and Loss
The Concept of Grief and Loss

Module 28: Mood and Affect
The Concept of Mood and Affect
28.A Depression
28.B Bipolar Disorders
28.C Postpartum Depression
28.D Suicide

Module 29: Self
The Concept of Self
29.A Feeding and Eating Disorders
29.B Personality Disorders

Module 30: Spirituality
The Concept of Spirituality
30.A Spiritual Distress
30.B Religion

Module 31: Stress and Coping
The Concept of Stress and Coping
31.A Anxiety Disorders
31.B Crisis
31.C Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Module 32: Trauma
The Concept of Trauma
32.A Abuse
32.B Multisystem Trauma
32.C Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
32.D Rape and Rape-Trauma Syndrome


Module 33: Reproduction
The Concept of Reproduction
33.A Antepartum Care
33.B Intrapartum Care
33.C Postpartum Care
33.D Newborn Care
33.E Prematurity


Module 34: Assessment
The Concept of Assessment

Module 35: Caring Interventions
The Concept of Caring Interventions

Module 36: Clinical Decision Making
The Concept of Clinical Decision Making
36.A The Nursing Process
36.B The Nursing Plan of Care
36.C Prioritizing Care


Module 37: Collaboration
The Concept of Collaboration

Module 38: Communication
The Concept of Communication
38.A Groups and Group Communication
38.B Therapeutic Communication
38.C Documentation
38.D Reporting

Module 39: Managing Care
The Concept of Managing Care
39.A Case Management
39.B Cost-Effective Care
39.C Delegation
39.D Leadership and Management

Module 40: Professionalism
The Concept of Professionalism
40.A Commitment to Profession
40.B Work Ethic

Module 41: Teaching and Learning
The Concept of Teaching and Learning
41.A Patient/Consumer Education


Module 42: Accountability
The Concept of Accountability
42.A Competence
42.B Professional Development

Module 43: Advocacy
The Concept of Advocacy
43.A Environmental Quality

Module 44: Ethics
The Concept of Ethics
44.A Morality
44.B Ethical Dilemmas
44.C Patient Rights

Module 45: Evidence-Based Practice
The Concept of Evidence-Based Practice

Module 46: Healthcare Systems
The Concept of Healthcare Systems
46.A Emergency Preparedness

Module 47: Health Policy
The Concept of Health Policy

Module 48: Informatics
The Concept of Informatics
48.A Clinical Decision Support Systems
48.B Individual Information at Point of Care

Module 49: Legal Issues
The Concept of Legal Issues
49.A Nurse Practice Acts
49.B Advance Directives
49.C Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
49.D Mandatory Reporting
49.E Risk Management

Module 50: Quality Improvement
The Concept of Quality Improvement

Module 51: Safety
The Concept of Safety
51.A Health Promotion and Injury Prevention Across the Lifespan
51.B Patient Safety
51.C Nurse Safety

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