Pediatric Primary Care, 6t
Pediatric Primary Care 6th Ed Test Bank

Pediatric Primary Care 6th Ed Test Bank


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The Test Bank –Pediatric Primary Care 6th Ed Test Bank – Get an in-depth look at pediatric primary care through the eyes of a Nurse Practitioner!

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Pediatric Primary Care 6th Ed Test Bank

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the primary care for children from the perspective of a Nurse Practitioner by exploring the content of the 6th edition of “Pediatric Primary Care“. This book provides guidance on how to evaluate, treat, and prevent health problems in infants, children, and teenagers. It covers important topics such as developmental theory, daily living issues, the current health status of children, and cultural considerations. The updated edition includes new content and improvements such as a chapter dedicated to pediatric pharmacology, colorful design and illustrations, integration with QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses), updated coverage of the impact of the Affordable Care Act, a revised chapter on practice management, and more to keep readers informed of the latest issues impacting the practice of pediatric primary care.

Table of Content

Unit One: Pediatric Primary Care Foundations
1.Health Status of Children: Global and Local Perspectives
2.Child and Family Health Assessment
3.Cultural Perspectives for Pediatric Primary Care
Unit Two: Management of Development
4.Developmental Management in Pediatric Primary Care
5.Developmental Management of Infants
6.Developmental Management in Early Childhood
7.Developmental Management of School-Age Children
8.Developmental Management of Adolescents
Unit Three: Approaches to Health Management in Pediatric Primary Care
9.Introduction to Functional Health Patterns and Health Promotion
12.Elimination Patterns
13.Physical Activity and Sports for Children and Adolescents
14.Sleep and Rest
16.Values and Beliefs
17.Role Relationships
18.Self-Perception Issues  
19.Coping and Stress Tolerance: Mental Health and Illness
20.Cognitive-Perceptual Disorders: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Learning Problems, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Blindness, and Deafness


Unit Four: Approaches to Disease Management
21.Introduction to Disease Management
22.Prescribing Medications in Pediatrics NEW!
23.Pediatric Pain Management
24.Infectious Diseases and Immunizations
25.Atopic and Rheumatic Disorders
26.Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
27.Hematologic Disorders
28.Neurologic Disorders
29.Eye Disorders
30.Ear Disorders
31.Cardiovascular Disorders
32.Respiratory Disorders
33.Gastrointestinal Disorders
34.Dental and Oral Disorders
35.Genitourinary Disorders
36.Gynecologic Disorders
37.Dermatologic Disorders
38.Musculoskeletal Disorders
39.Common Injuries
40.Perinatal Conditions
41.Genetic Disorders
42.Environmental Health Issues
43.Complementary Medicine
44.Strategies for Managing a Pediatric Health Care Practice 

Sample - Pediatric Primary Care 6th Ed Test Bank​

Page 1 – Health Status of Children-Global and Local Perspectives

Page 2 – Child and Family Health Assessment

Page 3 – Cultural Perspectives for Pediatric Primary Care

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