Safe Maternity & Pediatric Nursing Care Second Edition
Safe Maternity & Pediatric Nursing Care 2nd Ed Test Bank

Safe Maternity & Pediatric Nursing Care 2nd Ed Test Bank


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The Test Bank Safe Maternity & Pediatric Nursing Care 2nd Ed Test Bank  –  Online Resources, and Davis Edge work together to create an interactive learning experience that teaches students to think critically and make the best patient care decisions.

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Safe Maternity & Pediatric Nursing Care 2nd Ed Test Bank

The 2nd Edition of “Safe Maternity & Pediatric Nursing Care” provides an interactive learning experience for students through the utilization of Online Resources and Davis Edge. It encourages critical thinking and the development of optimal patient care decision-making skills. The text specifically caters to LPNs/LVNs, offering comprehensive nursing knowledge that is vital to the course. Instructors can access Online Resources, which include lesson plans, teaching tools, and activities, to create a dynamic classroom environment where students can apply their knowledge. Davis Edge, an online quizzing platform, helps monitor student progress, assess their knowledge, prepare them for classroom exams and the NCLEX®, and provides real-time analytics to identify weak concepts and areas for improvement.

Table o Content

Unit One: Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
1. Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing
2. Culture
3. Women’s Health Promotion Across the Life Span

Unit Two: Pregnancy and the Family
4. Human Reproduction and Fetal Development
5. Physical and Psychological Changes of Pregnancy
6. Nursing Care During Pregnancy
7. Promoting a Healthy Pregnancy
8. Nursing Care of the Woman With Complications During Pregnancy

Unit Three: Birth and the Family
9. Nursing Care During Labor and Childbirth
10. Nursing Care of the Woman With Complications During Labor and Birth
11. Birth-Related Procedures

Unit Four: Postpartum Period and the Family
12. Postpartum Nursing Care
13. Postpartum Complications

Unit Five: The Newborn
14. Physiological and Behavioral Adaptations of the Newborn
15. Nursing Care of the Newborn
16. Newborn Nutrition
17. Nursing Care of the Newborn at Risk

Unit Six: Growth and Development
18. Health Promotion of the Infant: Birth to One Year
19. Health Promotion of the Toddler
20. Health Promotion of the Preschooler
21. Health Promotion of the School-Aged Child
22. Health Promotion of the Adolescent

Unit Seven: Pediatric Concerns and Considerations


23. Nursing Care of the Hospitalized Child
24. Acutely Ill Children and Their Needs

25. Adapting to Chronic Illness and Supporting the Family Unit
26. The Abused Child

Unit Eight: Deviations in Pediatric Health
27. Child With a Neurological Condition
28. Child With a Sensory Impairment
29. Child With a Mental Health Condition
30. Child With a Respiratory Condition
31. Child With a Cardiac Condition
32. Child With a Metabolic Condition
33. Child With a Musculoskeletal Condition
34. Child With a Gastrointestinal Condition
35. Child With a Genitourinary Condition
36. Child With a Skin Condition
37. Child With a Communicable Disease
38. Child With an Oncological or Hematological Condition

Appendix A: Joint Commission’s “Do Not Use” Abbreviation List
Appendix B: Thirty-Four Types of Medical Errors and Tips for Preventing Harm: Quality and Safety Imperatives for Nurses Caring for Patients Across the Developmental Period
Appendix C: Universal and Standard Precautions for Preventing Disease Transmission
Appendix D: Conversion Factors
Appendix E: Common Medication Administration Calculations in Pediatrics




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