Test bank - Foundations-in-Microbiology 10thEdition
Test Bank Foundations in Microbiology 10th Edition

Test Bank Foundations in Microbiology 10th Edition


This is Not a Test Bank!
  • ISBN-10: 1259705218
  • ISBN-13: ‎ 9781259705212
  • Format : Zip [text]
  • Status: In Stock
  • Language: English
  • Authors: Kathleen Park Tolaro, Barry Chess
  • Publisher: MG. Hill Education, 2017

The test banks for –  Foundations in Microbiology 10th Edition – ISBN10: 1259705218 ISBN13: 9781259705212. Offering test banks designed for this textbook, which explores microorganisms using the traditional taxonomic approach within the disease chapters.

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Test Bank Foundations in Microbiology 10th Edition

The book “Foundations in Microbiology” by Talaro is a microbiology textbook that adopts a taxonomy-based approach to explain disease topics. Using case studies and analogies, the book presents complex microbiological concepts in a clear and engaging language style. The book is accompanied by a comprehensive learning program that includes student-centered learning activities, allowing students to manage their own learning while the instructor handles assessment. The updated edition includes revised art and updated photos to make concepts more visible. Detailed reports are available to measure various learning objectives from the book, levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, and how students are performing. The purchase of Connect grants access to a full online eBook version of the textbook, including SmartBook with learning resources to help students understand the content. The book is an excellent resource for those interested in microbiology, and the test bank provides instructors with the necessary materials to test students’ knowledge. The test bank also includes answers to common questions from the material for students.

Test Bank Foundations in Microbiology Sample

Chapter 1

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