Fundamentals of Nursing Theory Concepts and Applications 4th Edition Wilkinson Test Bank
Fundamentals of Nursing Theory Concepts and Applications 4th Edition Wilkinson Test Bank

Fundamentals of Nursing Theory Concepts and Applications 4th Edition Wilkinson Test Bank


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  • ISBN-13: 978-0803676862
    ISBN-10: 0803676867
  • Format : Zip [text]
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  • Language: English
  • Authors: Judith M Wilkinson, Leslie S Treas, Karen L Barnett, Mable H Smith
  • Publisher: ‎ F.A. Davis Company; 4th edition

The test banks for – Test Bank Fundamentals of Nursing Theory Concepts and Applications 4th Edition Wilkinson – ISBN-13: 978-0803676862 ISBN-10: 0803676867.

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Test Bank Fundamentals of Nursing Theory Concepts and Applications 4th Edition Wilkinson:

Fundamentals of Nursing Theory Concepts and Applications 4th Edition” was published by F.A. Davis Company. The textbook combines an easy-to-read format with an interactive online program called Davis Advantage, which provides an immersive learning experience for students and helps them connect essential Fundamentals concepts. The textbook is available in both printed and digital formats, with access to Davis Advantage through a code found in new printed textbooks or through the all-digital Instant Access option.

The textbook is organized into two volumes, with Volume 1 containing theoretical knowledge and Volume 2 covering practical knowledge. This approach aligns with how nursing fundamentals is typically taught, making it suitable for both concept-based and traditional curricula.

Davis Advantage, the online program, engages students and helps them make connections to critical topics through a Learn-Apply-Assess continuum. Personalized Learning is a core feature of Davis Advantage, immersing students in an online learning experience tailored to their needs. Students are tested on their understanding of key text subjects and then guided through animated mini-lecture videos and engaging exercises to enhance learning and bring concepts to life.

The program also includes a Clinical Judgment component, which helps students improve their critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills for safe and effective nursing care. Students are challenged to apply knowledge, make informed decisions, and assess outcomes in progressive case studies featuring real-life, challenging clinical situations.

Assessment is another key component of Davis Advantage, using NCLEX®-style questions for evaluation and remediation. The adaptive, question-based model provides students with additional practice to assess their knowledge, understand course content, and excel on course and board exams.

F.A. Davis Company is a family-owned and operated publisher of instructional materials for the nursing and health science fields. It is dedicated to producing teaching and learning solutions that meet the needs of nursing and health science students, educators, and practitioners. The company was founded in 1879 and is headquartered in Philadelphia. F.A. Davis was recognized as one of the best 60 small businesses in the region with 149 or fewer employees, and the sole publisher among the honorees, based on an anonymous employee survey that examined fundamental aspects of workplace culture.

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Evolution of Nursing Thought & Action 
Chapter 2 Critical Thinking & Nursing Process 
Chapter 3 Assessment 
Chapter 4 Analysis/Diagnosis 
Chapter 5 Planning Outcomes 
Chapter 6 Planning Interventions 
Chapter 7 Implementation & Evaluation 
Chapter 8 Theory, Research, & Evidence-Based Practice 
Chapter 9 Life Span: Infancy Through Middle Adulthood 
Chapter 10 Life Span: Older Adults 
Chapter 11 Experiencing Health & Illness 
Chapter 12 Stress & Adaptation 
Chapter 13 Psychosocial Health & Illness 
Chapter 14 The Family 
Chapter 15 Culture & Ethnicity 
Chapter 16 Spirituality
Chapter 17 Loss, Grief, & Dying 
Chapter 18 Documenting & Reporting 
Chapter 19 Teaching & Learning 
Chapter 20 Measuring Vital Signs
Chapter 21 Communication & Therapeutic Relationships 
Chapter 22 Health Assessment 
Chapter 23 Promoting Asepsis & Preventing Infection 
Chapter 24 Promoting Safety 
Chapter 25 Facilitating Hygiene 
Chapter 26 Administering Medications 
Chapter 27 Nutrition 
Chapter 28 Urinary Elimination 
Chapter 29 Bowel Elimination 
Chapter 30 Sensation, Perception, & Response 
Chapter 31 Pain 
Chapter 32 Physical Activity & Immobility 
Chapter 33 Sexual Health 
Chapter 34 Sleep & Rest 
Chapter 35 Skin Integrity & Wound Healing 
Chapter 36 Oxygenation 
Chapter 37 Circulation & Perfusion 
Chapter 38 Fluids, Electrolytes, & Acid-Base Balance 
Chapter 39 Perioperative Care 
Chapter 40 Leading & Managing 
Chapter 41 Nursing Informatics 
Chapter 42 Promoting Health 
Chapter 43 Community & Home Health Nursing 
Chapter 44 Ethics & Values 
Chapter 45 Legal Accountability 
Chapter 46 Holistic Healing

Sample - Fundamentals of Nursing Theory Concepts and Applications - Evolution of Nursing Thought & Action:

Chapter 1

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